Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer Break: Day 6

I cannot believe how many days I have stretched this activity. This is day 3 of the oven baked clay project. And we're not even done!! Tomorrow is the final day. Promise. This makes me realize it doesn't have to be jam-packed into one day. I totally plan on doing this with other crafts I have planned. That rocks!

Ok, so today we painted. Pazely & I had a blast.

Zoey painted a few things & then ran off to the garage (where she had been most of the day) to play with her new frog pet. She is still afraid to pick that thing up with her hands, so she uses gloves. Quite funny.

Don't get me wrong: I won't pick it up either. After convincing daddy that frogs don't cause warts (it's a myth), we are now under the gun to feed the darn frog. I'm not about to go catch crickets with my bare hands. (I googled & it seems that's what frogs eat??) I called around & this town doesn't sell crickets. And the only pet store in Morrill County that I've been referred to seems to have gone out of business. Seriously? Tomorrow is the final froggie straw. If I can't find crickets, we'll release the little critter back into the wild & he can feed himself. Zoey's already been in tears over this, so you can imagine my heartbreak.
Frog drama.


  1. You might be able to feed him a bit of wet cat food or get some frozen blood worms at the pet store _ we thaw ours out for our two aquatic frogs. Might work or at least be worth a try. Good luck -- he's adorable! : )

    You could also leave on an outdoor porch light at night and catch some bugs (moths) for him that way)

  2. Here's a link for crickets.

    Cute frog, I want one for my kiddo, but DH vetoed it! :o)

  3. It looks as though you have yourself a toad. They are land dwellers and might be apt to come back if you build a toad abode after you release it. The following link has directions to make this fun craft. Crickets are nocturnal, so looking for them at night can be a fun activity, but it may be hard to keep up with the toad's appetite:) Good luck!

  4. Yes, I have been told by numerous people that it is indeed a toad. Thanks for the links too!!
    I feel better about not having to run around looking for crickets. They are not so picky I see. We'll hunt for bugs & other creepy crawlies.


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