Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer Break: Day 8

I had a full day of work today, but when I got home it was still sunshine-y & bright & VERY warm! (We hit the 90's today!) I pulled out my list of fun things to do & chose a rather simple project to complete with the girls.
It's a project from the same book we made the clay from.
Old jeans-turned-apron.
The only supplies you'll need are fabric scissors, old jeans & puffy paint.
The jeans need to still fit the person in the waist. Make sure they're old & worn in the knees & you're not using a nice new pair!
I used sharp scissors & cut the jeans until they looked like this:

Cut right across the crotch, as far below the pockets as you can go. Then cut up the side seams & across the waistband. Keep the snaps or buttons on the waistband intact. This is how the apron will fit around the waist. Just snap it in the back. Cool, huh?!
The next step is simple: PAINT!!
My little Pazely is looking rather soiled. Her face is covered in paint & chocolate.
Summer does that. It turns my kids into dirty little ragamuffins.

The girls are modeling their finished projects, straight out of their bath & freshly jammied. Yet, I see Pazely missed a spot.

Update on the frog: It's a toad. And it's gone. Zoey let the toad go. Not sure why, but I know daddy was an accomplice. I think it stressed her out having a pet that she really wanted to hold, but was too scared to. The girls are still excited to catch frogs/toads down by the lake before the frog races next weekend.
Happy Memorial Weekend!


  1. That came out so cute!! :D I love it :)

  2. How cool! I am so doing this with my daughter. :)

  3. Thanks for this!!! Had fun making my mommy version! Here it is:


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