Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tour: Art Studio

I spent last weekend cleaning up my poor neglected & disorganized art studio. It was a hum-dinger of a mess. But now it's all spiffy & pretty-like! YAY!
I've had eager fans wanting to see pics. I'm almost embarrassed to show them. Honestly, it's nothing fancy. And it still looks kinda messy. I'm just not one of those "everything in its perfect place" kinda people.
My style is that slightly disheveled, lived-in, wee bit unkempt, work-in-progress sort of look. All the time.
But here it is anyway...

An eclectic mess. Complete with a hottie picture of Mr. WhiMSy love when he was a teenager.

This is how I create my Vintage Button Rings. I work on a TV tray.

This is the view looking inside the walk-in closet turned shipping station. It's a mess.
We won't go in there right now.

Mostly vintage fabrics. And old records.

Knick-knacks on my computer desk. The wind-up Panda pencil sharpener from the $1 Store is a fave.


This is where I blog. And edit photos. And fill my Etsy shop with goodies. And read your lovely comments & emails.


Sewing station.

 {Mostly} handmade magnets.

That's Harold. Remember him?

Miss Roxie Valentine.


  1. hey we're mac twins! love your creative space

  2. I love seeing your studio and am jealous of it. It's someplace I could see myself crafting. I simply love your fabric stash, it makes me drool. And all your little details around the room are so fun. I love that you have a picture of your girls on your sewing machine. I do have a question. With your vintage button rings, why are they sitting in a plate of rice? Is it to keep them from rolling everywhere? I know, probably and obvious yes to that but just wanted to make sure. At first I thought it was for an artistic look but then thought otherwise. LOL! Love your studio. :-)

  3. Thanks for the studio love!

    Sue--it's actually not a Mac. It's a PC.

    Chelle--The rice is to keep the rings steady & upright after I assemble & glue them.

  4. Love you space!!

    Oh & RANdOM: I had a dream the other night that we came to visit you... and we jumped & crafted while the boys chatted about boy things... yeah...

  5. i just love tours of homes and especially crafty venues! i have always been the anal everything in it's place everything ship, shape girl. i've secretly always thought your type are the coolest though! to each their own makes life fun! i love, love that button ring tv tray and your hot pink desk and your pink dresser drawers

    happy crafting!

  6. Looks like a fun and happy place to be! love it

  7. Thank you for the lovely tour, some of the things remind me of my childhood... :)

  8. The pink dresser-looking contraption (near the bottom of the photos...with some on the bottom and a few down the sides) is AWESOME!!!


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