Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cheyenne Botanic Garden Children's Village

The Cheyenne Botanic Gardens is the home of the Children's Village & it is SUPERB!! My girls loved it & it was one of the highlights of our trip for sure.
HERE is a great article about the Village. I didn't realize it when we visited, but it has only been open since September of 2009.
Inside the little greenhouse.
(Look! I see Oompa Loompa hair!)

Daddy got all artistic on us. Who knew?
He found some maps of the Children's Village & my girls would NOT let go of them! They felt so proud looking at the pictures on the map & recognizing where we were in the Village. I loved it!

The Secret Garden.

Shhh! It's a Secret {Garden} jump.

The puppet theatre. Zoey entertained her sister.

A secret door.

A secret key.

Pazely, who loves animals, was wild about this "dog" house/play house.

The roof of the "dog" house was covered in this stuff. Just beautiful!!

A vertical xylophone.

A ferry--where you pull yourself from one "shore" to the other.

Archimedes screw.

Sidewalk chalk artwork from school children that visited.

Goodbye. (She's still got her map!)

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