Friday, June 4, 2010

Cheyenne Botanic Gardens

On our very recent (I'm not yet unpacked) mini-mini-mini vacay to Cheyenne, one of my favorite places we went was to the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens at Lions Park.
Oh, & I have no idea what most of the plant names are.

THIS, I know, is a coffee plant. Cool huh? A little creamer & sugar & you're good to go!
Ok, not really.

And these flowers of the Angel Trumpet Vine are HUGE. Like, as big as my head huge. And they are poisonous--if any part of them is ingested.
Very beautiful though!

Greenhouse penthouse.

1-2-3...greenhouse jump....GO!

Fuzzy wuzzy was a plant.

Melted butter! I KNEW I forgot something!!!

Tee hee! I love me some gnomie.

It's sticky, mom!
I really loved how the greenhouse got my girls' senses going. They were touching & feeling (where allowed) & really intrigued by it all. We loved the Herb Garden too!
Except Pazely didn't like that particular smell.

After the greenhouse we took a walk around the grounds to see the different gardens.

Next I'll share about the Children's Village at the Botanic Gardens---which was my MOST bestest favorite part!!!
The cool thing about visiting the Gardens was the cost: FREE!
{Donations happily accepted though.}


  1. What a nice day! I LOVE visiting gardens and Farmers Markets and what not. THE BOYS DON'T! I'm sticking my tongue out at them right now. :)

  2. I love taking kids on trips to nature loving places, and I really love that gnome. He looks like he's having an allergic reaction to a certain stinky herb. Those lips! :P


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