Monday, May 31, 2010

Mini-Mini-Mini Vacay

We leave this morning for Cheyenne, Wyoming! That's only a 2 hour car trip.
I'm so excited to take a break & get away from all the busy-ness & spend time as a fam!
It'll be an adventure. We're trekking into the unknown.
And we're hoping to do more of these mini-mini-mini's.
Rejuvenating. Refreshing. Necessary.
I may or may not be blogging.
And if I do, it'll be via my iphone.
But I'll for sure be back Friday evening!


  1. have an awesome time u guys!

  2. you might just be the best thing that ever happened to nebraska. i love your adventures and your way of making life so much fun!

    i hope your mini mini vaca is everything and more!

  3. Be sure to visit the Children's Garden at Lions Park!

  4. luv it!
    have fun.
    isn't it crazy that we have to leave our homes in order to have more quality together family time?!
    crazy, i tell ya.

  5. lucky gal! can't wait to hear about your adventures!

  6. Saw you were looking for old forks...Barts Flea Market on Lincolnway and Thomes, or check out Good Will on Nationway at Ridge Rd. There is also a Salvation Army at Lincolnway and Nationway intersection.

    And of course there is a Hobby Lobby on Lincolnway at Ridge Rd. Good luck in your adventure!


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