Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My First "Almost" Tornado!!

I panicked. Simple as that. Which meant my kids did too. It was crazy. The video only captures the insane non-stop lightning. But the sky was all mean-looking & angry & WOW. And it was windy. And exhilirating & scary.
The tornado sirens were sounding & we got to the shelter. Well, I was a straggler because I was trying to get all my camera stuff scooped up. My heart started beating very fast as I walked from my house, just next door to the church. I was out there all alone, for just a moment, with that big bully of a storm. Oh man, it was CRAZY!! And we sat & waited for the all-clear siren. It was only about 30 minutes.
I was so bummed because I couldn't figure out how to use my BIG girl camera in the dark stormy setting. So, I got ONE picture with my point-n-shoot.

And a friend took this one with my camera:
I never did get to see the funnel(s).
But I heard that with summer arriving, this is just the beginning...


  1. That is WILD, that lightning is crazy!! I have cousins that live in Oklahoma and they had some pictures of the sky with the tornado watch where you could see the edge of the storm system... totally freaky! My husband would like to live in Iowa.. I'm thinking "no thankyou... forget the thank you part, how about just "no".... you gotta be made of stern stuff to live around that!

  2. Frightful!!!!


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