Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Break: Day 13

New summer hair-do's!

Today was also full of shopping! We spotted a Dollar Tree & a
Michael's craft store. I went berzerk. I haven't been to either one of those stores in at least 6 months. However silly it sounds: it was invigorating!!!

I also shopped a couple of flea markets. I'm hoping to hit one or two more tomorrow. I'm on a hunt for old forks. (Not having any luck so far.)

Our big plan for tomorrow, weather permitting, is to visit the Botanical Garden.

I've done my best to discover Cheyenne a wee bit. I think my plans & thoughts exhaust the Mr. His idea of vacation is to sit around the hotel all day, every day.

I'll share all about our trip after we return. Tomorrow is our last full day.
It has felt good to do whatever, whenever...

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  1. i thought i recognised a thrift store in the background! i love michaels! and i can't believe it's day 15 of your summer already!

  2. Haha that sounds like my husband and I. His idea of vacation is to sit around and do nothing-he calls it relaxing. My idea of vacation is to go go go and explore!


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