Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Break: Day 15

The only props necessary to participate in this summer fun activity is: chalk & your imagination. Oh, & some bean bags if you have 'em.
The ideas in this post came from the book Sidewalk Chalk: Outdoor Fun and Games by Jamie Kyle McGillian.
The first two activities require you to sketch out a design (I copied from the book) & then take turns throwing bean bags at the "target". One design is a face. And the other is a typical "bullseye" target.

Another idea, which was my favorite, is to have each person pick a shape. Pazely chose RECTANGLE. Zoey chose DIAMOND. I chose CIRCLE. And then you have to draw a picture using ONLY the shape you chose! It was quite fun & silly! And it really makes you realize that you can create a whole lot with one simple shape.

Pazely completed a robotic figure. You can't tell in the picture, but right there she is working on some rectangle cupcakes for him to hold.

Zoey created a large-headed mermaid figure.

And here is my sad saggy cupcake.

Another idea: Create a LARGE-SIZED puzzle for your kids to solve. I hid words like: beach, lemonade, splash, & sun in the puzzle. (I also hid their names!)

And the final project is one I remember doing as a kid---making parking spots for your bikes.
I think we'll definitely have to add "making your own sidewalk chalk" to our list of summer fun things to do. I have always wanted to try.
Happy Summer Break!

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