Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Break: Day 18

I literally had minutes to figure out something fun today. After a full 9-5 day at work, I had a few hours to spare before heading back to work for the night-shift. It's not as horrible as it might sound. I love my newspaper job & I'm making up for a fun vacation last week. So, it's not all bad.
But on my break home I had to feed my face, finish my column, & love on my girls.
And Pazely actually came up with the "fun idea" for the day. She pulled out a present she received from her Mimi a couple months ago: A face painting kit! It is seriously the least messy, most quick, super duper fantasticly easy invention I have ever seen! It's from Crayola & I LOVE it!!
We made her into a kitty in about 1 minute & then later she wanted to be a unicorn.
The kit comes with these sheets of sticker-like (but not really stickers) pre-painted sheets. You simply press the image onto a dry face & peel back. That's it! It seems like there's enough paint left on the sheet that you could do it once more, but I don't think it could be saved--you'd probably have to do another kid's face right away.

Pazely wasn't in a sharing mood,---rightly so as this was her special gift, so I pulled out some old tubes of face paint to create an animal masterpiece on Zoey's face. The paint was a little clumpy, but I did my best (& even followed a pattern that came with Pazely's kit) & made Zoey into a wolf. 
You can get face paint at Walmart, in the kid's crafty section. And I was just there the other day & saw several face paint options that looked like fun.

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