Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Break: Day 19

The Summer Reading Program at the Library was on the agenda for our "fun thing of the day". The girls participated in some beach-like sandy goodness at the volleyball pits with other kids involved in the library program. The preschoolers decorated a pre-printed sandcastle drawing with glue & then sprinkled 'em with sand. The older kids made sandcastles. And my kids' age group (1st-3rd) made some kind of mess inside a pie pan. I think it was supposed to be one of those plaster of paris stepping stone thingies with sand & seashells. But it was a gloppy mess. It gave me inspiration to research the project some more. I've always wanted to make stepping stones.
Perfect idea to add to our summer list!
Before walking home, we hopped over to get ice cream & slushies. Yum...
Nothing says summer like a melty chocolate cone running down your arm.

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