Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Break: Day 20

Today was an example of how I had every intention of doing something fantastic & fun, but then the girls weren't even home most of the day. And I was busy with housework. (Not fun.) And it was so crazy busy we just tossed frozen "TV dinners" in the micro & heated 'em up for meal-time because we had guests coming over for some bible study & hangin' out.
When our house emptied & we had a moment to ourselves (it was a late hour), I sat down with the girls & we attempted to make paper jewelry from a kit ($1!!) I bought at JoAnne's earlier this week. But golly. I'm not so good at directions all the time.

"Fit slot A backwards into the reverse side of slot B while on the left side you transfer the opposite image upside down, turning it all the while in a counter-clockwise rotation."
That's not what the directions said. I made that up. But the instructions sounded just as dumb as that did.

Strips of paper were pre-scored, so we simply had to tear along the "dotted" lines. A bit of folding here. A tiny touch of paper manipulation there. Add a whole lot of confusion & frustration....& you've got a cute little paper crafted handmade bracelet!

Basically it's the same idea as THIS. We just used longer strips of paper.
I am definitely going to reassess the paper situation in the morning & give it another go. When we're less tired. And have more time for fun.


  1. Cool! I remember making a super long necklace using this technique out of yellow juicy fruit paper wrappers. I chewed a lot of gum in sixth grade, and a stick of juicy fruit only lasts about 15 minutes.

  2. Too funny! It's nice to know someone shares my frustration with ridiculous directions!! I don't have kids yet, but do have nieces and nephews. I'm getting tons of fun activity ideas from your blog! Thanks and have a great weekend!!


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