Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Break: Day 22

Work day today.
Little time with girls.
*Pouty sad face.*
That's OK though.  We made Jell-O last night & when I got home from work this evening, we served it up!
I was anxious to use these vintage Jell-O molds I got while browsing flea markets in Cheyenne last week.
They are adorable & I can't wait to get creative with them: wee fruity Jell-O desserts, tiny cakes, etc.
They were a cool find that I thought about selling in the shop & then I was like, "Naaaaah. They're mine. All mine!"

While playing with the Jell-O, I had this fun idea to take my silicone cupcake molds & fill them with Jell-O too. And look!
Jell-O cupcakes with Cool-Whip-in-a-can topping!!
Cutest ever.

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