Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Break: Day 26

Dear Library,
I love you!
Yours Truly,
Today, as part of the library's Summer Reading Program, the girls got to make a fish out of a CD. Simply color & cut fish parts out of paper & glue them onto the CD.
I think I'm going to drill a tiny hole & hang them outside or in the window as a little modern sun-catcher.

The girls also worked on a really cool project today at home that will be finished tomorrow. It also involves a giveaway...or 2...or 3. You won't want to miss tomorrow's Summer Diary Series!!


  1. The library does truly have awesome things in the summer! I took the kids I was babysitting the other day and signed them up for the summer reading program!

  2. that looks fun!! thats really awesome and wonderful that your library does fun stuff for summer :)


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