Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Break: Day 29

Chocolate covered frozen bananas!

I've had this box in the cupboard for a while. It was so easy to do!
Just cut bananas in half, insert a popsicle stick into each one & freeze for at least an hour.
The kit I had came with a chocolate sauce packet that we squeezed into a narrow glass for dipping. But, it tastes, feels, smells & looks just like the same chocolate that hardens over your ice cream--the kind that's found next to all the ice cream sauces & toppings at the grocery store. I'm pretty certain that will work too. In fact, I'm gonna try it some time in the coming weeks because these banana pops got eaten up lickety-split!! They were delicious!

Although, not surprisingly, Pazely was more attracted to the chocolate that surrounded the banana.
So, when she was done with her treat, all that was left was a chocolate-less banana.
That kid...


  1. FAB idea!! those two darlings of yours are such little cutie pies!!

  2. Banana lollies are just gloriously delicious. I chopped a banana and froze it for about an hour and then stirred it to ice cream consistency and it was absolutely yummy!

  3. Did you say chocolate-coverd frozen bananas?! The line forms here!

    (The package refers to them as "pops." I bet you made them in honor of Father's Day!)

  4. Yumm-O! Funny enough I a VERY similar post set to go up on Tuesday! Maddie wasn't around when I made ours so when she tried it she was convinced it was ice cream inside and not a banana! Oh what a tricky, tricky mom I am!


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