Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Break: Day 31

Can you believe we've been at this Summer Diary Series stuff for a month already?? I can't. 1/3 of the summer has already come & gone.
And we sure stepped boldly into the final 2/3 of summer with a BANG today! We had oodles of fun!!! I mean it! OODLES!
I love spontaneous happy times!
We spent the afternoon shooting clay pigeons with some friends. It was the first time the girls & I shot big guns. And we had a BLAST! The girls were mostly in charge of pulling the traps. (They loaded the machines with "clay pigeons"--which look like the saucers on terra cotta pots, only painted orange--& then they pull a lever which makese them fling up really high in the sky.)

Zoey was a natural at shooting the 22 gauge & it was so cute to see her having so much fun! She shot targets that were set up on the ground.

Pazely was actually more interested in eating the candy she had stuffed in her pockets...

...& sharing it too. 

I shot a 20 gauge shotgun & it kinda freaked me out at first. But I eventually got used to the way it kicked. And I shot my "flying" target in the sky the FIRST time! Yahoo! Go me!!
Yes, dorky happy moment caught on camera. I squealed & hopped & gave the thumbs up many times over too.

Pazely helps set up clay pigeons so we can shoot the smaller 22 gauge.

Our friends even pulled out their black powder rifle. So cool!! So much work goes into loading that thing! I can't imagine fighting a war with something like that.

The gun-toting girls have their jumpy moment.  
And Mr. WhiMSy love is now addicted.
Happy Father's Day!


  1. Sounds like a fun day! Loved seeing some of your landscape too! My dad used to shoot clay pigeons when he was growing up in the Texas Panhandle. I did not develop his shooting abilities though!

  2. Looks like lots of fun. I went out shooting with my dad not too long ago and discovered for the first time that I am cross-dominant. (I am right handed, but left eye dominant so I have to shoot left handed!) I have a great old rifle of my papa's that shoots both .22 and .410s :)

  3. PULLLLLLLLLLLL! I love it!! Looks like super fun!


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