Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Break: Day 33

It's this one day of week I love where someone does all the planning for me. It only lasts for another 2 weeks, so I'm enjoying it while I can! I'm speaking of the Summer Reading Program at our library. This is the first time I have ever gotten my kids involved at a Summer Reading Library thing. What is wrong with me? We've always been big fans of the library but never participated in all the cool programs & activities it has to offer. I definitely suggest you scoot down to your local library & check it out, if you haven't already!

I love the idea of taking a topic & running with it. For instance: "Animals under the sea", as in today's library visit. We did crossword puzzles & colored pictures about animals under the sea. We tried thinking of all the animals we could that actually live under the sea. We did crafts about animals under the sea. We read books about animals under the sea. We even had a snack themed around animals under the sea.

Next week I plan on taking this idea & letting my girls pick their favorite topic. It'll take a bit of planning. But it should be fun!

My favorite part about today's library adventure was after the story was read. It was about a seahorse---& how the dad seahorse is the one who gives birth to the babies. Well, those Kindergarten through 3rd graders *GASPED!* at that one. It was quite funny.

 A lot of you have asked how I do it---how I have the time for all these ideas & activities this summer. Seriously, it doesn't take a lot of time.
I sat down one day & rounded up all my favorite creative resources: from mags to library books to internet sites. I wrote down my favorite ideas in a notebook. A whole random smattering of them. There are recipes & crafts & activities & writing & play things & outings. 
Before I head to bed each night, I just pick the "fun" thing we're gonna do for the next day. I make sure I have all the necessary items/supplies/props.
Most of them take minutes to do. Really. 
And I keep the notebook handy in case an idea pops in my head that I want to remember. I also make sure to take note of what my kids like, or what THEY want to do.
If I didn't have this to motivate me every day, I'm afraid I'd be stuck inside watching reruns of Miami Ink & shoo-ing my kids to play outside, while sipping iced mochas & watching my butt expand on the cozy couch.

I hope you're enjoying these ideas. I hope they inspire you. Blogging every day seems to bring about less comments, so I'm not sure who's out there anymore.
You know the whole bit:
*tap* *tap* "Is this thing on?"


  1. i get your posts in my inbox EVERY DAY nik and i always read, but hardly ever comment, but i'm here with ya! can't believe it's day 33 of your summer - and we just had our SHORTEST day! i'm loving your summer daily posts and think you're the #1 mum in the world for planning something for them every day! i hope your girls appreciate it

  2. Hi Nikki, I chanced upon your blog one day and I'm way across the globe. I'm not a mom. Neither am I crafty. I just hope to do something before I become a couch potato and your posts are inspiring. In fact, I NEED to read your blog everyday! Keep them coming!

  3. Hi there, Im in the UK and read your blog often. We start our summer hols towards the end of july, so I've been reading your ideas with great interest!
    Thank you for the fab ideas.
    Jackie :-)

  4. I'm a lurker during the summer :) I read but hardly ever comment on anyone's blog. But I read yours every day and you've totally inspired me to do more with my kids :) We've been doing lots of random outings to the beach (a few miles down the road) and going on hikes, and we made the clay you posted. (Loved that!) I haven't done as many crafty things with my kids as I'd like, but they're still pretty little (1,4&5) and the clean-up afterwards is usually pretty daunting! Anyway, I just wanted to say how cool your summer vacation journal is and that I love seeing what you're up to every day!

  5. though I don't read every day, there are days I sit down for 30 mintues to catch up on all you do. You have some great ideas, and I am going to try some of your projects. Thanks for the inspiration

  6. I am a new follower of you blog (been about a week now..and LOVE your daily ideas!) I also am doing daily ideas for my kids to keep busy this summer. Keep up the great posts!

  7. just wnated to say hi, so you know people are still reading :)

    i dont have kids yet, but i love ALL your ideas you do with your girls! i think its so awesome you take the time to make things special for them. i see so many moms in blogland who freak out that they will have their kids home all summer, and it terrifies me for when i have my own. but then i see your blog and it looks not only managable, but FUN! and you are creating such special memories, that i know they will treasure! :) you cant ever get rid of this blog because im going to need to come back here when i have my own little ones and copy your ideas :) ha! thanks for sharing!

  8. I'm really enjoying reading the blog. My son is 16, so he's not into summer crafts, but I've been passing your ideas along to friends. Keep it up! I am sure your girls will have great memories for years to come about all the time they got to spend with you and eachother!

  9. I am here everyday, a bit sad that I offered to go to work so the hubs could stay home with the kids. I want to do crafty things with my kids every day!! Waaah and oh, woe is me... Okay, moving on.

    I am finding some great nspiration here. Keep 'em coming!!

  10. Our summer just started--we are on day 3 of summer vacation and I am enjoying getting ideas from you. My kids are older but I am inspired to do more intentional activities with them this summer. Keep up the good work!

  11. I always gawk at your awesome momness. ^_^ I've said it before, and I'll say it again, if I ever have kids I want to be a mom like you. We'll have green eggs and soy bacon (or toast), and make something special happen everyday. Oh, and we'll play highs and lows at the dinner table.

  12. still here, still reading, just a bad commenter. =) i don't have kids, but I love seeing what you are doing with yours.

  13. I'm here too! lol I check in almost everyday. My kids are close in age to yours and I steal ideas from your blog when ever I can. We are only on day 1 of our summer holidays and today we signed up for the summer reading club at our library. We do something fun at least once a day...and I'm with you in saying it's not that hard to find simple and inexpensive things to do with the kids everyday.


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