Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Break: Day 37

Today was a busy whirlwind of party preparations. So the little ones got to hang out with daddy most of the day. That's fun, right? I think they were bummed that mommy didn't have time or energy to get something "fun" together for them. But tomorrow's hooplah & celebration will make up for today's lack of "summer fun". (Believe me, they didn't mope around all day. They had "fun"! But they've really caught on to the whole "one fun thing a day for summer" gig. And they expect it. Which is good & annoying at the same time.)

The girls probably wouldn't consider this the fun thing of the day, but I think it was: a friend brought over a mole he found in his yard. I have never seen a mole up close. They are really gross looking! Freaky-deaky!

Today I baked ice cream cone cupcakes for the first time. Major fail. I accidentally got Angel Food cake & it was just weird. And so then I baked them again with regular cake mix & than I baked a regular cake with the leftover cake batter. And brownies. And I've been hanging decorations & setting up the party room all evening.
And right now I'm scouring the internet trying to find a tutorial on how to make those paper soda hats. Also called soda jerk hats. Or ice cream parlor hats. But coming up empty handed.
I'm tired. And exhausted.
And I wish I had one more week to prepare...


  1. is it weird that i think that the mole is cute????

  2. I can't wait to see it! It will be GREAT! the day before the party is always a tiger. You are SO talented. Your paper doll party was fantastic and this well it can only be equal to or greater than! hope you got some rest. sending prayers your way for a fun birthday party day!

  3. Try this for the hat:


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