Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Break: Day 38

Happily exhausted.
That's what I am.
Pazely had a splendidly fun birthday party! I was creating items up 'til the last minute. I was bummed that more kids didn't show up, but oh well. We had 1/2  a dozen kidlets & lots of our favorite grown up people too.
"This is the best day ever!", Pazely said. So, what am I complaining about?

The girls & I also had an evening of kayaking, after the party. It was the first time we have ever gone. It was SO fun & I look forward to many more kayak-like adventures.

I am tired yet grinning.

I have oodles of pictures to download, peek at & edit. I'll get a Birthday Party post up soon! *Promise*
But for now I hear a hot shower calling my name. And cozy jammies. And a movie on the couch. And some hot tea...

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