Thursday, July 15, 2010


Ferris Wheel

No, I didn't ride any rides. Susan & I caught the tail-end of all the fun. Ticket booth: closed. And in all honestly, there were about 2 rides I would have MAYBE attempted to even buy tickets for: the ferris wheel & the kiddie roller coaster. Not even the horse carousel could woo me. So, we walked around & snapped photos of the extremely bored looking carnival peeps, other customers' last-minute rides & a pouty girl who probably didn't get her way & was really irked at mom for not letting her have one more go on the Dragon Wagon.
I'm a carnival weenie when it comes to the rides.
My tummy doesn't do loop-de-loops, twirls-n-swirls, or g-force.

Carnival Games

Shoot a Clown

Carnival Games


Exceptionally Large: Not Allowed

Cotton Candy

Pouty Face

Click HERE for my complete set of carnvial pics.


  1. I love love love these photos!

    The Mama Monster

  2. Gorgeous pics! You should do an tutorial for those of us that have no photography skills :)And Im going to be getting a 'big girl' cam soon, any tips on buying? Im sure you browsed them all!

  3. Those are the most amazing set of retro-looking pics ever! I would love to make a set of them for my photo book they are so awesome!


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