Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer Break: Day 45

Our 2nd day of rodeo was fun, in a different sort of way, & a ton more soggy!!
Our plans for a super duper rodeo, followed by fireworks, were a bit rearranged due to a major downpour.
We tried to rough it, but when soggy girls start shedding tears, it's a sad, sad sight.

The girls ate cotton candy under the tarp.

I {tried} taking photos of the rodeo from under the tarp & ended up eating some funnel cake instead.
(Can you see the hole I poked in the tarp to view the rodeo?)
Hubby, who was standing outside the tarp with a friend THE WHOLE TIME, was soaked through & through. (He brought me the cake. I am loved.)

I even got visits from friends.
(And, yes, I cropped the photo so my necks & chins wouldn't show.)

I have never been so soaked in my life! Pazely even had soggy undies! haha!
After the rodeo yesterday, we were trying to dodge the huge mud puddles, from an earlier storm, as we walked back to the car.
Tonight, we didn't even care.
It was raining.
We were drenched.
And I couldn't stop laughing!
Once inside the vehicle, we hurried home, took a warm bath, slid into cozy jammies & pulled out the sleeper sofa for movies, popcorn & el submarinos.
A memorable 4th of July nonetheless.

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