Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Break: Day 46

Yesterday the girls & I did a drawing activity. I got the idea from the American Girl magazine, July/August 2010 issue. I LOVE that magazine! We purchased magazine subscriptions as a present for both of our girls last Christmas. I chose magazines that we've never read before. Even though my 7 year old does not have an American Girl doll, we love the magazine!! And this month is full of oodles & oodles of good stuff we're gonna try out! The magazine subscription gift will definitely be a tradition that I carry on each Christmas.

Shape drawn by Zoey.
All you do is draw a shape with your eyes closed. A simple shape. Nothing too detailed or fancy. THEN, pass your shape to the person next to you & they have to make this shape into something. Like an animal, a person, a house---ANYTHING! (You do this part with your eyes open.) It was a lot of fun!

Pazely's drawing of a house with stairs leading to another house. And a mouse.
I found it more interesting to draw the orignal shape with a pencil. And then the next person to add the details uses a pen. (Or vice versa.) That way you can still see what the original random shape was. And how much was added.

Shape drawn by Pazely.

Zoey's drawing of a big fish eating a small fish.

Shape drawn by Pazely.
My drawing of a cowboy & his rope.
It's quite cool to see the imagination kids have. I was stumped several times about what details to add or what to make the shape into, but it was a good exercise in stretching my creative muscles!


  1. What a great idea!!!!

    The Mama Monster

  2. That looks like fun. I will have to try it with my two.

    ps... my word verification word is 'manthong' how funny is that... made me giggle, thought I would share.

  3. This reminds me of Mr Squggle - this was a puppet show for kids in Australia. Kids would send in a scribble and Mr Sqiggle would turn it into a piece of art. Now this was particularly impressive when you considered a pupeteer was making the art through Mr Squiggle the puppeT! It was given the title in recent years of the longest running kids program in the world !


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