Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Break: Day 47

Today was the last day of the "Splash into Summer!" Reading Program at the library. The library hosted a picnic at the park complete with an appropriately themed lunch: Octo-dogs! They were hotdogs cut in the shape of an octopus. I called them octo-dogs. Sounds gross. haha! They were quite cute!
THEN, the water fun began!!! I thought I'd share the games some of the kids played.

*Instead of water balloons, fill little ziploc snack bags with water & pass them back & forth just like you would in a water balloon tossing game. Each time you make a good pass, take one step back.
Clever & easy peasy!

*The kids got into teams & each had shaving cream squirted on their back. The first team to squirt the cream off their team-mates back with a squirt gun was the winner!

*Get into 2 big circles. Large groups work best for this game. Start with a giant balloon filled with water. Poke a little hole in the balloon & see how many times you can pass the balloon around the circle before all the water leaks out. The team with the most rotations wins!

*Get into teams. One person from each team has to lie down on their back & hold an empty water bottle on their forehead. The rest of the team is lined up, single file, behind a bucket full of water & a small cup. On "Go!", the first person in each line has to scoop up water in the cup & carry it to where their team-mate is lying on the ground, & dump the water into the bottle. It's a relay, so you run back to the rest of your team & pass the cup & repeat until the bottle is filled to the brim. The first team to fill their bottle wins!

*And then there's just good ole squirt gun wars!

Or just dump a bucket of water on your own head. That works too.
It was a fun afternoon. Prizes & awards were handed out & some kids got new books or t-shirts. Great fun!!! I'm just sad it's over, but it inspires us to go to the library more often & find our own adventures in them there books.

Wow! We're at the halfway mark of Summer Break! I can't believe it!
I hope you're having a TERRIFIC Summer!!!!


  1. That's great that your library has programs like that... I should look into mine!

    {The Mama Monster}

  2. wow! thanks for the play by play on the games! they are perfect for summer fun!


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