Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Break: Day 55

I love buying inexpensive crafty kits. And this was another find at JoAnne's. $1.00---& it came with 2 kits! Score. It was an etching kit---it came with this black paper stuff that you etch away, revealing color underneath. This particular kit made your tiny artwork into keychains.
Every time I see inexpensive crafty kits, I snatch 'em up.
For rainy days.
For just because days.
For sick days.
For day #55 of Summer vacation.

HERE'S a tutorial that a friend of mine found for a scratch off Father's Day card. But you can use the same concept to create scratch-off designs like the ones we made in our kit today.

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  1. I just bought these for my kiddos the other day. I actually bought two or three, and I'm saving them for when they have friends over~!


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