Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Break: Day 59

Here Lies Mo B. Home
Mobile home graveyard

This Sunday seemed to be a repeat of last Sunday: Adventures!

I've not gotten out on many adventures these past two months. But in the last week & a half I've been lucky enough to go out on a couple excursions. Just get in the car & go. With friends. And some snacks. And my camera, of course. What's better than that? I'll tell you what: A sweet hubby who knows that I need my adventure-tank filled every now & then, who simply says, "Go. I'll take care of everything else. And have fun!" That, right there, is loveliness all bundled up in the form of my man.

So while the girls went to a birthday party & kept daddy & his friends occupied, I hopped in the car with friends & drove down dirt roads to find any & all things interesting & worthy of a looksie.
Corny Butt Jump
Corny butt jump

His & Hers
His & Hers

Teeny-tiny toad

Cliff swallow & nests

School's Out!
School's out! (Abandoned schoolhouse)

Corny Jump
The Crazy Corn Crew 

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  1. The schoolhouse is gorgous! Too bad it's abandoned and a couple thousand miles from me...


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