Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Break: Day 65

The girls & I went to Broadwater Days today. Broadwater is a teeny tiny town of about 140 people, about 15 miles away from my town of Bridgeport. And Broadwater Days is an annual celebration of the town--lots of towns & cities have celebrations like these. I went with my girls to help take pictures for the newspaper.
My kidlets are always wanting to go on any & every random adventure I have, so today was their day.
I know I sound like a stinker for not inviting them every time. But little road trip adventures are my way of taking some time for myself.
Believe me, they're not adventure-deprived in the least. They get their fill... often.

Since my first experience in Broadwater back in March, I got lovely emails from some of the residents apologizing & being ever so gracious.
The newspaper column I wrote months ago about that particular visit to the Broadwater scene got more reaction than any other column I've written.
Well, since then, I've toured the town on a garage sale hunt & even picked up a few treasures.
Today was my 3rd visit & it was lots of fun. Zoey expressed that it was a very special day.
We watched the parade, that drove all of two blocks & was done.
We ate meaty nachos at the Starr Street Diner
We played on the playground.
Zoey signed up for the turtle race.
We ate shaved ice AND root beer floats.
And we got wet with water balloons.

I've come to the conclusion that it's not where I go on my adventures that makes it interesting or fun, it's the company I keep.


  1. How fun! I love that first shot of your daughter with the water balloon! Glad you're having a fun summer!

  2. Fun indeed. Found you through a search for "fairy doors" and just had to say that slide picture is a miracle. (I hope she landed safely -- it looks fun and scary!) Great blog and wonderful photos all around.



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