Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Break: Day 68

Yesterday the girls had some friends over & after they entertained themselves for a bit, I thought I'd pull out the supplies to make some Bug Catcher/ Treasure Keeper necklaces.
The kids had a blast. And it was extra fun watching them run & squeal when I told them I had a project for them to do!
The girls & I make these necklaces & sell 'em in the shop too. So, if you wanna take a peek, hop on over HERE.
Last night I also had a little creative fun of my own. Some friends & I were stuffing our faces with burgers & fries when 2 fire trucks sped by, lights flashing. We hightailed it in the car & tried to follow. But we lost 'em. Darn. While driving around trying to think of what to do next, I thought it'd be fun to go on a scavenger hunt. But it seemed silly to make our own scavenger hunting list. So we made a call & got a list of 10 items to find from another friend. And then we had the idea to do some mobile facebooking---asking for ideas of stuff to find while we were driving around. Some of you came up with some oddball items! We had fun though & plan on doing it again.
We found 7/10 items on our list---even driving to a golf course in pitch black darkness to scour the driving range for a golf tee.
That picture is of my friend Sarah by the railroad tracks looking for item #6: a metal pop bottle top.
We know we're wacky. But in a small town, sometimes you gotta be your own entertainment.

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  1. I love the mobile-facebook scavenger hunt idea!! I'm pretty sure I need to be following you on Facebook... *Click* All set :)


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