Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Break: Day 69

I got nuthin'...

I worked at the newspaper an extra day today.
I love my job oodles & oodles, but it's hard bein' a working mom.
(And I only do it a couple times a week!!!!)
I don't know how you workin' mommies do it. I'm a weenie.

And then I came home with a headache & the need for a nap.
And then there was bible study.
And then ice cream treats at Karette. Well, I ate bacon cheddar fries & snuck some fried green beans from my friend Sarah & took a few licks of Pazely's chocolate cone.

No Summer School tomorrow.
No agenda. (*)
It's been a busy week.
(*)Although, we'll probably be spending most of our afternoon making the 80 mile round trip to Walmart for groceries & other necessities.

School starts in exactly 3 weeks.

I love fried green beans.

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  1. OMG! We all had fried green beans for the first time last sunday and we are hooked. Everyone I mention them too, always wrinkles their noses and groan like they are disgusting.

    So glad to have found someone for my lonely litle fried green bean club-HA!

    Aren't they just the yummiest!!


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