Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Break: Day 71

Today was the last day of Summer School.

Pazely's really excited. Can't you tell?
I got to hang out at the girls school & photograph some science experiments the 2nd- 6th grade kids had been working on: handmade spinning tops. The kids had a race to see whose could spin the longest. And then the young-un's (my girls included) in K-1st did an experiment with pop rocks & soda pop: In their mouths! I was "on assignment" for the newspaper. Cool, huh?
A pizza party ended their 3 week fun of summer learnin'.

We also hopped over to the Morrill County Fair tonight. It's just animals. No carnival or rides---(That's NEXT weekend in a different county. I'm excited to take the girls out for some carnival fun & I'm even hoping to get my own night out at the carnival for some cool night photography!)
The girls also had some artwork featured, along with their classmates from school.
Here's Pazely's:
And Zoey's was hung up a little high, so she jumped to get a portrait with her artwork:

Look at the feathers on this birdie! It's like artwork.

I also photographed the Wiener Dog races at the Fair tonight.
Those little long bellied furry munchkins are so cute!!

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  1. i can't believe they are still on holiday, that it's day 71 of the holidays, that you have planned something fun EVERY. DAY.AAAAAAAND you blog about it EVERY. DAY. with photos. you are awesome nik!

    we only get 6 weeks here - from dec 21st (ish) til feb 4th (ish) - u guys get a whole 2 months - and more???


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