Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Horse Play

A couple weeks ago I went horse back "riding" with a friend. I put "riding" in quotes because I am terribly afraid of riding horses. But when the opportunity presented itself, I thought I should be brave & see if I could possibly conquer my fear. But, nope. I'm still afraid. My sweet horse, Ash, was the bestest horse ever though. He was a slow moving, lolligagging, wonderfully mellow beast. And I didn't really "ride". I walked. Which was perfect for me.
Her feet, my feet, horse feet.

I'm finding that if I don't have my weekly or regular adventures I feel rather lost. They are inspiration to me. And they fill me up with good stuff. And besides, I get to hang out with my friends. Just last Sunday, Susan & I went for another random drive. We ate dinner while we rode along, dining on Diet Dr. Pepper & caramel corn. We stopped by a cemetery for a walk. We drove down random dirt roads, trying to chase down the perfect spot for a spendlid sunset view. We were too late, so instead we got out of the car & did cartwheel after cartwheel & jumpy photos galore. There were little frogs everywhere, blending in with the dirt. They looked like pebbles hopping along. We're even pretty positive we discovered some dinosaur bones. But we accidentally left them behind, so we don't have ACTUAL proof anymore.

A gravestone of a baby named Mary Maxine Fortner, 1939-1940, decorated with marbles.

Shy little sunflower.
I don't think I'll ever get tired of spontaneity. And just having simply no agenda.


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