Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Break: Day 77

Today I registered the girls for school!
Fun? Not sure.
Reality? Yes.
The girls & I celebrated by having Italian sodas & giant cookies at our favorite (& only) local coffee shop.

I also got to do something super special today. My friend Laura asked me to help her out at a baby photo shoot. She's hoping I'll really like it & maybe someday I can be the baby photographer 'round town. That would be super neato!! I was the assistant today. And I really loved it!
The 6 week old (7 weeks premature) baby was NOT happy being nekkid & moved around & primped & stuff.
In fact, we set up a black backdrop for a really cool shot, but the baby was not satisfied no matter what we did when we set her down for some picture takin'. So, I had an idea to drape the mommy with the black backdrop & set the baby on top.
She'd feel the warmth from her mommy & be close to something familiar. Everyone thought it was a funny idea but the mom was a super good sport & tried it out. And guess what?  It worked! When it came time to snap a photo, we hid the mommy's face & arms under the sheet. Wacky & yet genius. haha!
(*The photo at the top is "Chester", one of the baby's doggie brothers. He is a bulldog. The mascot to the girls' school is a bulldog, so I thought it appropriate to put his picture there. That's 70 pounds of lovin' right there.)


  1. Wow. Draping mommy was a BRILLIANT idea! Sounds like you're a natural in the baby photographer world.

  2. You.are.a.genius.

    And every time momma looks at the picture she will know she was under the backdrop! And she will love the picture even more.

  3. By the way, what's the italian soda count? :-)

    Great idea!!!


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