Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer Break: Day 79

After arriving to the carnival & spending several {million} dollars, we had our booty of tickets. Pulling me in all directions, the children begged to "Ride this one!" or "Go on that one!"

 Little Pazely was not too sure about this mini roller coaster ride. However, her friend in the seat next to her, was totally engaged in the experience.

"Wait 30 minutes after eating before jumping?"
Immediately after mounding a funnel cake, my friends & I jumped. And jumped. And jumped.

Zoey + Unicorn = The Best Day Ever.

It's rides like these that make me an automatic spectator.

I thought I was brave enough for the ferris wheel. But I was not. I am a sissy. I admit this. And sensing my fear, the ferris wheel attendant did everything in his carnival powers to make my ride a nervous one. I am pretty sure I stayed at the top of the wheel much longer than is the norm. But I have him to thank for the extra time I got to get a fun panoramic shot of the carnival below. So, neener neener!

To view the other pics from our evening of carnival fun, click HERE. It's a work in progress the next couple weeks as I edit & add more.

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