Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer Break: Day 80

What DIDN'T we do yesterday??
After church we ate at the local diner. I consumed every bite of my BLT & fries.
Then we had a super visit with our super friend--who the girls were glad to treat as their human toy.  
We all painted watercolors.
And made silly handpainted hand-puppets. Meet GERTRUDE. And MISS MESSY GIRL. And RUBY. And GRIZZELDA HUMPERSNITCH. And here is GERTRUDE with GRIZZELDA .
We viewed a slideshow of the previous days' carnival fun.
We drank milkshakes.
We swam at the community pool, where my super friend & I
 even choreographed a synchronized swimming routine which mostly involved giggles & water up our noses. 
Too bad you missed it.

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  1. The hand puppet is so funny! When Miss M was about 2, my dad drew a smiley on her thumb and called it "Dude". She still called smiley faces Dude until she was nearly 4! It was and still is their thing.
    Also, I posted about the ice cream party recently. Your awning idea was a hit and several folks asked how it was made!


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