Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Break: Day 81

All day long.
While mommy updated the blog & wrote her column for the newspaper, the girls played.
They know Mondays are usually hectic for mommy.
And I thank them so much for entertaining themselves.
It was lovely.
And then I looked at the remains of their "after-play" scenes. First of all, Barbie had ransacked the fridge.
That's my girl.
And it looks like the girls have taught her well---shove it under the bed! Mom will never notice! And, yes, that's a wedding dress.

And her use for the exercise machine? Broom & mop storage.
Right on!!

And then I had no words when I saw this:
Ok, it's not a Barbie torture device. It's "Gymnastic Barbie" & her super twirling bar.
Poor perfect plastic girl hanging there like that. Someone really should help her down.
<*Turns & walks away...*>


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