Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Break: Day 83

I learned this painting technique, oh gosh, about 10 years ago? I was just reminded of it recently when I saw it somewhere, but I can't 'member where.
Anyway, I used small styrofoam cups to mix about a tablespoon of water, a teaspoon of acrylic paint & a big squirt of dish washing soap. You may have to adjust these. If the bubbles aren't producing well enough, add a tiny bit more water & some more drops of soap. Colors not dark enough? Add more paint. Just mess around with it until you get the consistency you want.
Mix those all together with a straw.
And then, using the straw, blow into the mixture.

Remember how mom would get mad at you for blowing bubbles in your milk?
This is your revenge.

Once the bubbles reach over the top edge of the cup, gently place heavy cardstock or watercolor paper on the bubbles. The bubbles will POP!--leaving an imprint on your paper. (In the photo below, Pazely still has the straw in the cup while she's blowing AND painting her paper with bubbles. You can take your straw out if you want, when you're ready to paint with your bubbles.That way the straw won't get in the way.)

Keep blowing bubbles & letting them pop all over your paper. This is messy. Your face will look like a splattered mess of rainbow loveliness when you're done. And either do this project outside, or lay down newspapers, or a dropcloth or something before you begin.

It's quite cool when you fill the page with all types of bubbly colors!
Tomorrow the girls & I will make something with our artwork.


  1. I love this project! I did this with my students when I taught elementary art, and the fun part was always when someone in the class would forget to blow and they'd end up with a mouth full of paint. It happened every year. So I was always careful to use non-toxic paints.

  2. Seriously, you are the funnest mom ever!! I hope when my kids are older I can make half the memories you make with yours.

  3. I super love, love, love this project! You are a crafty genius! I did one of your projects today {the wee pie} :-)

  4. I tried this with my kids a few months ago with less than stellar results - now i see my paint, water, soap ratios were all out of whack! Thanks!

  5. Hmm maybe I can do this with my 2 year old as we are learning about circles... Hmmm so I dare risk it?

  6. We will try this next week. Looks like tons of fun and an art work that is wall worthy! Saw you on Impress YOur Kids!

  7. I'm not sure how you ever did this indoors. You are brave indeed! I did it outside and things were still "colorful"! You can see my post about it here:


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