Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer Break: Day 87

tiny easels
I can't believe this was the last weekend before the kidlets get back to school!! 3 days left of Summer Break.
90 days will not even be enough to live out all our Summer Fun.
Funny thing is, my children seem to think I will continue planning merriment & happy projects or outings every day now.
Summer was a chance for me to break all the rules of routine & program & let loose with my kiddos. There is a time for order & a time for happy chaos.
It's now time for a bit of order. And I'm looking forward to it.

Today the girls & I made a project from the September 2007 issue of Family Fun magazine.
It's a tiny art easel made from popsicle sticks. And you can find the how-to HERE.
We made it in the evening, down in the barely window-ed basement. Thus, the poo-poo pictures that I've tried to make all "artsy" to try & hide the fact that they are horrible. Kinda.
Didn't have time to create mini pieces of artwork, but that'll be on our list of things to do tomorrow---after Mr. WhiMSy love & I suit up in bee attire to help a friend of ours with her bees & the girls go tootle around on 4-wheelers!!!!

Here's some tips or hints I discovered while making the tiny easels:
Double shelf on tiny easel (better for gluing bits & things)

  • We went a step further & added an extra popsicle stick underneath the one that holds the artwork up (the "shelf")---mostly so we could embellish with fancy sparkly baubles & gems.

  • I also purchased popsicle sticks that were already colored---saved the step of painting them with acrylic paints.

  • I used hot-glue to glue the sticks all together.

  • We used tacky glue to stick on our embellishments.

  • And we completely forgot step 4---attaching a strip of paper under the shelf & connecting it to the back stick for added support.

  • I glued (with tacky glue) a triangle piece of felt over the paper triangle on my (pink) easel. I thought the paper looked kind of sloppy.

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