Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer Break: Day 90. The End.

It was a peaceful day. I shopped for the last bits of school supplies not yet crossed off the list. The backpacks are filled. Overfilled, really. Outfits for the first day of school are laid out. Notebooks are embellished with stickers. And I found myself getting quite giddy at getting to make school lunches tomorrow morning. I anticipate the traditional "first day of school photo". And I know the house will be eerily quiet when the girls leave.
Tonight as I was reading my girl's their bedtime story, Zoey all-of-a-sudden interrupted & squealed: "I feel like screaming! I'm so excited for school tomorrow!!!" I am glad. Because the last school year was a rough one. We had moved to a new town, 1200 miles away from home. In December. So the girls started school in the middle of the year, in a new place, with a new teacher & new friends to make--- & even a completely new way of learning math & writing. And to top it all off Zoey had to deal with a pesky little bully of a girl in her class. Zoey constantly complained about going to school. She hated school. And that was hard to hear because she had never been like that before moving here.
So, I guess all my ramblings are due in part to the fact I'm so thrilled that she's squealing! And excited! And she pretty much can't contain herself!
I can't believe this was the end of summer.
Thanks, by the way, to all of you who followed along on our Summer Diary Series. It's been fun!!
We will now resume our regularly scheduled programming...
(Maybe less is more?)


  1. i read! i'm amazed at your dedication to post every day too. it was awesome nik - thanks for the ride!

  2. Hope school all goes well, its two weeks yet before my daughter goes back !

  3. Oh, I will miss the lovely days you have posted. The long, lingering luxury of summer. It has been wonderful seeing it unfold. Thank you for sharing yours. But, each season has its own rewards, as you have just said.

  4. It is so sad that summer is almost over, but how great that your girls are excited to back to school! Hope this year is a fantastic one for them!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing your
    summer - Its been fun x

  6. haha, I also said I would now return to my regularly scheduled programming. :) Love the stickers

  7. Love it. Love it all! We had fun right along with you!


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