Friday, September 10, 2010


Ok, like, I don't even know what to say.
Many of you know that I was adopted.
Well, a couple days ago, on facebook, I got a message from a 1/2 sister that I never knew existed. She'd been searching for me & um, well, found me. 
It looks like the holiday trip our family has planned at Christmas to visit my family in Washington will also include meeting, for the first time, NEW family that I've never met---brothers, sisters AND possibly my birth father.
EEEEEEEEK!!! (That's a good "EEEEEEEEK!")
I cannot tell you how many emotions are rushing through me, inside me, outside me, all around me.
I feel like my insides could even burst.
I am so very happy!!
I've been peeking at every photo I can find of my new-found family on facebook & corresponding back-n-forth with my new sister late into the night these past couple evenings.
It's all so surreal & I feel like I'm dreaming.
I am seriously about to begin a crazy good adventure!


  1. That's AMAZING! I'm so happy for you. :)

  2. Pistachos!! *-* When I was working in the newspaper allways we ate pistachooooss!! delicious!! ñam ñam!! :P

    Na Nena

  3. Nikki-I am soooooooo excited for you!!! Your enthusiasm is contageous!!!!! What a feeling that must be!!! I am so happy for you. Life is good!

    Blessings to you and your family:)

  4. exciting and scary...So glad for you.

  5. Nikki, I am so excited for you! I found out about a 1/2 brother (nearly 16 years older than I) in 2004 and met him, along with most of his family. So, you see, I can totally understand the emotions you are feeling right now. If you ever want to hear the "long version" of my story--let me know!
    You are blessed, you know!
    Suzanne in TX

  6. How crazy fun for you! My husband is a birthfather who has re-connected with his birth-daughter! It is such a blessing to have questions answered and closure! It is also a blessing for my kids to get to be apart of a larger family! Praying for you as you walk this journey! If you ever need a brain to pick please feel free to e-mail me. I am no expert of reunification but just an observer who has been there and continues to enjoy this part of my husbands life! God Bless


  7. WOW, Nikki... and another chapter in your life begins. I did not know you were adopted... now you get to enjoy 2 families. :)

  8. totally surreal nik. i hope the meeting is everything you want it to be

  9. It's mental isn't it?! My dad had a family when he was younger that we didn't even know about until I was about 8. {He never told my mom he had 4 other children and so I had two brothers with the same name!}.
    It's still surreal to me. I keep in contact with one half sister and her family, including nieces who are my age! It's so interesting so see the me in them.

  10. I'm so jealous! I would love to meet my birth family. I'll be praying that God's hands are wrapped around this whole situation. Good luck and have fun!

  11. That is amazing!! When I went to Florida in October I met an aunt on my dad's side. I know I met her when I was way little but I don't remember any of them. She gave me some great pictures of my paternal grandparents who are gone now, but still- very neat to see that I look like some of them. :)

  12. I get it. ;-)

    Safe travels!!!!! (And...Seattle welcomes you. *grin*)

  13. I didn't know you are an adoptee. I am actually an adoptive parent. Excited for you!

  14. Patricia in DenverSeptember 24, 2010 11:05 AM

    My son didn't know his twin girls until they were 14 years old. He initiated contact with them and even though they live half a country apart, they are very close. I now have a wonderful extended family, I know you will be as lucky.

  15. I too am adopted and found my birthmother a few years back. Through facebook I have connected with cousins, aunts and uncles I didn't even know I had! I know how you are feeling, it is such an amazing feeling and a new beginning in the next chapter of your life. Embrace every is awesome!


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