Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Family Time

Family time is important to the WhiMSy love household & it's been a struggle to maintain it lately with the Mr.'s job as pastor. He has lots of visits, lots of responsibilities, lots of people wanting to talk & stuff, lots to do in general. And we just sometimes have to say, "This is OUR time. You can have tomorrow." Tuesday nights are one of those times.
We're always juggling, trying to get the recipe JUST right. And I think we nailed it. For now anyway. There's always adjustments to be made with life frequently rearranging itself.
And if Tuesday nights means playing with Legos on the floor together & building a cupcake shop, then I'M THERE.

Lego Cupcake Shop: Now open for business!! The grand opening is a success!
The lines: long.

The counter clerk: selling out of today's flavors left & right!

The wait-staff: efficient. The customers: happy.

The alien prison escapee: satisfied.

The chef: busy in the kitchen.

The cleaning girl: keeping a positive attitude.

The customer waiting for his order, who is also flirting with the cleaning girl: totally feeling the sweet vibe.

Pazely's pet donkey: corralled in a secure holidng area.
Oh yeah---& the cupcakes: delicious!!


  1. epic, this is so cool...i LOVEed ( still love!!!) lego :-D

  2. Your post is perfect for me today! My children have all sorts of LEGO places set up in our hallway. I've learned to love carefully stepping over the palaces, stores, and spaceships!

  3. Owwwww, I love LEGO... remember my life when I so smalll...


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