Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fort Collins Road Trip

Two friends & I headed out last Thursday morning for a trip to Fort Collins, CO. We left at 9am & got home at midnight!! I saw the Rocky Mountains on the way there & a super fantastic sunset on the way back. (That photo was not edited, by the way!) I had a checklist of "to-do's"---both necessary AND fun items included. And I got all them checked off, crossed out, & scribbled done. All except one item: I have had these certin socks for about 16 years (is that gross?) that I got from REI & they are the bestest! They are grey, but on the toe & heel, they are black with this extra cushy cushion-ness. Oh, they are so cozy! I wear them every winter & my feet & toes are happy when I do. But earlier this year they got their first hole. Sadness. I was too busy having fun at Barnes & Noble on our road trip to head next door to the REI. There's always shopping online I guess. (Which I do a LOT more now since moving to this small town.) But in this instance I need the touchy feeling sock moment before purchasing. Anyway, that was random.
Now for the pics!!

On the way to Ft. Collins we saw this vehicle. haha!

For lunch we ate a YUMMY restaurant: Five Guys Burger & Fries. SOOO tasty!! They dump the fries in your bag. It looks like a mess, but it was Oh. So. Delicious. They could have stacked the fries on my head & I would have still eaten 'em.

Though I'm a jumpy photo fanatic, I was stretched a bit by doing SUCH a public shot. But you know what? It wasn't bad at all!!!!

Sarah & I got Susan out of her sporty shoes, into some animal print high heels. Rowr!!!

I made a game of our shoe shopping moment. I think I found one of the ugliest pairs of shoes in the joint. Around the ankle are chains. Grody. I kept my socks on for the full dork effect.

Dressing room jumpy fun! Sarah, in the dressing booth next to mine, heard the jumping & hopping & giggles & said, "What ARE you doing??"

Those are Sarah's legs outside the dressing room. haha! I'm so happy to have friends that play along.

I combined 2 of my favorites: a photo booth & a jumpy photo.
I not only love this photo for obvious reasons, but I also love it because we are all 3 very different people & I just realized this pic shows our differences in a subtle way. Susan (on the left) is wearing jeans & some sporty casual shoes. I (center) am wearing Converse & high-cuffed jeans. Sarah (right) is wearing super cute & stylish gold sandals.
Even as we were shopping, we all had our stores we wanted to hit & places we wanted to see. As I walked into Michael's craft store, I softly sang a melody while lifting my hands towards heaven. I was at home.
Susan walked into REI. And she was home.
Sarah walked into this giant store with purses & shoes everywhere. She was home.

Tres nerds.
One of the things my gal pals were SURE to take me to was the Great Harvest Bread Company. Oh. My. Gosh. You walk in & you get a free slice of bread. And this is not wimpy slice. It was SO yummy! I purchased a loaf of cinnamon swirl bread (I think that's what it was? It was cinnamony & sugary & sweet & kinda gooey & really delicious.) From now on, wherever I go, I'm scouting out to see if there's a Great Harvest Bread Co.on my route!!


  1. These photos are great! Looks like a fab time! :)

  2. Super fun looking!!!

    We just got a 5 guys burgers here... we haven't tried it yet but have heard great things about it.

    ~The Mama Monster


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