Friday, September 3, 2010

Have You Hugged a Gnome Today?

My oldest daughter will soon be 8 & the theme for her party this year is "Woodland". Think: gnomes, mushrooms, forest, deer, foxes, raccoons, acorns, squirrels, owls, hedgehogs. It's quite a tricky theme, only because it's not the type of party you can just go out & buy decorations & plates & banners for at a one-stop party shop. But I've got some plans up my creative sleeve that I can't wait to share.

First, the invitations. (You'll have to wait for the rest!)
Her invitations were really simple. Maybe too plain. I don't know. The main ingredient, apart from the ADORABLE puffy gnome stickers I found at Target, is: woodgrain contact paper!! Is that genius or what?? I'm rather proud of myself for thinkin' of that. I've always hated that stuff. Not contact paper--but that specific cheap-looking wood stuff. But now I see it in a whole different way with my super-duper deluxe crafty x-ray vision.
I first cut out a square with rounded corners, stuck it on the card, drew scallops around the edge with just a regular ole cheapy black inkpen & then stuck on the gnomie. (I'm addicted to 'scalloping' everything these days!) The inside of the card has part of a quote by an alpine skier from Austria. She was referring to a race she was certain she'd win. But I thought it was appropriate for Zoey's special day:
"I had the voices of a thousand
little gnomes in my head
telling me this would be my day."
-Michaela Dorfmeister

Instead of "Please RSVP", I stated:
"Wood you be a deer
& give us a hoot
if you'd like to come?"

For the first time Zoey gets to invite her whole class at school to the party. She was BEYOND giddy at getting to pass out the invitations at school today.
Now if only they'd "hoot" so I know who's coming...


  1. LOVE gnomes and love woodland theme parties! Just helped a girlfriend with one, some cute acorn goodies around blogland! Can't wait to see the rest, and off to Target for those stickers!

  2. What a great theme! I can't wait to see what craftiness you whip up!

  3. I just did this for my son's Fourth birthday party! Check out the Gnome shirt Small Threads custom made for me and now she sells it on her etsy site!

  4. The invites are perfection. I love faux-bois contact paper and mixed with gnomes this is all goodness. I can't wait to see the party reveal.

    I have a post here where I linked to how to make some gnomes. We made a fairy/gnome garden this past summer.

  5. So stinkin' cute and I LOVE the contact paper!!! Genius!

    I see visions of contact paper wrapped cups, table runners, lanterns, etc!

    I know you will completely rock this party : )

  6. Adorable! Just to fuel your thoughts, we do an annual "Holiday Gnome Hunt" in our neighborhood. We ask neighbors to write clues and then the kids scour the neighborhood for the hidden gnomes - it's a BLAST and would be a fun birthday activity.

    ~ t

  7. Love your invitations. Very creative. My daughter and her cousin recently had a birthday party at their Gram's. She had collected seashells, sticks, bark, rocks, sea glass,etc. (she lives near the beach) She then had the girls go into the woods to build fairy houses. They are getting a bit old for it but still ended up having a lot of fun. You could do gnome houses. Just a thought.
    Keep up your crafty, creativeness. Love reading your blog.

  8. Seriously, you seem cooler than cool! I love the invites. Just found you through one pretty thing. Love your labels too and I plan to make some. I am just getting in on the blogging thing-your style reminds me of me (maybe that is why you seem so cool to me!) Anyway, have a great party, and I am excited to check out your shop when you are up and running again!ids


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