Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Road Trip

Ok, I am about to fall over with sleepy-ness, but I wanted to write real quick. I cannot explain to you how tired I am. I have been working all day (& the past few days) on party prep stuff for Zoey's birthday bash this Saturday. People think I'm crazy to do so much, but I love it! It's exhausting AND happy work all wrapped up into one giant crafty bundle.
Anyway, I feel like this is the eve of Christmas. I get to wake up tomorrow & go on a road trip with 2 of my girlfriends! We're heading to Ft. Collins, CO for the day. It's not often that I get out of this small-town for big city adventures.
I expect silly & random & spontaneous &--OH! I can't wait!!
Extensive choices in shopping, dining & entertainment?? It'll be like a dream....

Oh, & for some reason I can't get pictures off my camera card onto my computer, which is why my iphone has been providing the visuals these past few posts. This particual photo is from the bathroom in McDonald's yesterday. (Zoey's real birthay was yesterday.) I picked her up at school with eight big rainbow colored balloons. Mr. WhiMSy love didn't think I should do that. He thought she might get embarrassed. But she came running out, beaming & excited at the balloon welcome. I later found out that it was the HUBBY who was the embarrassed one. Whatev. haha! Zoey had gifts waiting for her at home & then we went to the mall so Pazely could pick out a prezzie for her sister: a diary with lock & key!! (Sweet!!) And then it was on to McDonald's for dinner. (Zoey's choice.) And then home for a bedtime story. We finished up Charlie & the Chocolate Factory & THEN we read the missing chapter from that book that I recently ordered. ("Spotty Powder") A fun-filled birthday day for sure.


  1. Yay sounds like fun!!! My brother, my husband and I did a 48 hour road trip to Vegas to see a band at the House of Blues last January... It was super rushed and super fun!!!


    ~The Mama Monster

  2. you really are the best mum EVER nik!!!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day was had by all. Have fun on your girls' day out tomorrow. :-)

  4. We just finished Charlie & the Chocolate Factory too. We read it on vacation.


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