Thursday, September 30, 2010


I got glasses this week. And my 6 year old says I'm a nerd. (Although she cried the first day I wore them when I picked her up from school.) And I have even cried once or twice since I got them. Is that weird?? It's just different looking at the world through these things. I feel trapped. And dizzy. And the Mr. says I look fine. Not "fiiiiiiiiine!!!!" Just fine. (haha!) I've even been called "funny looking" & "bottlecaps". Is this 3rd grade again?? Guess so.
And my eyes aren't even THAT messed up, but it's just that slight haziness & unclarity that was becoming an annoyance. I love them when I'm at the computer & I love them when I read.
And I just thought I'd tell you that I got a makeover---of the four-eye variety.


  1. Well the glasses are cute...and they make you look...intelligent, not nerdy.
    I know what you mean about the glasses though...I had to get them in January and they make me crazy. ( lenses...) I went from never having glasses to needing bifocals! ugh. and even though it's great when I read, they make me dizzy at times and I hate having them on my face.

  2. I have been wearing glasses since I was 12 although for the past 20 I wore contacts. Now I am back to glasses just cause I have such dry eyes now from all the computer work that contacts are a drag! I love those frames and think you look great! :)

  3. I think they look really nice on you! And you will too, in a little while. When I got my glasses I HATED how they looked on me, but now I think I look weird without them!

    The dizziness will pass too, I had that everytime I got a new (stronger) subscription. It's normal :)

    And if none of this makes you feel better...just remember that geeks are cool!

  4. They look really good on you but yes it takes some getting used too especially new ones but you will... Hugs and a wonderful weekend

  5. Well, I guess you're lucky you didn't have to get them until later in life. I had to get them when I was 7, and they were thick back then!!! I know that doesn't help *you* but there it is.

    The first instant in time that I was allowed to get contacts, I got them, baybee!! Been wearing them ever since (33 yrs), dry-eyed syndrome due to computer work and all. I won't give them up until the doctor rips them off my eye balls. 'Cause my glasses look like the bottom of glass coke bottles... extremely thick and TOTALLY nerdy and ugly no matter what kind of frames I put around those lenses. Be happy with your very thin lenses, or get them contacts!!!

  6. It won't take long and you'll be used to them and they'll just be a part of your face. :) Trust me, I know this; everyone in my family wears glasses, including my 1-year-old. :)

  7. Love the new specs! I have a similar pair - only need them for close-up stuff, but sometimes I like to wear them just for the heck of it :-)

  8. Speaking of 3rd grade ... that's exactly when I had to get glasses. I graduated to contact lenses in the 7th grade, tho. I do wear my glasses more now, especially at night and during allergy season - yuck! And I feel the same as you - trapped and a little dizzy. Oh, and this year I graduated to reading glasses. blah hoorah. At least you got a cool looking pair :)

  9. I think you like a naughty secretary!


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