Monday, September 27, 2010


TAB #1— (playing: James Morrison's "Better Man")
TAB #2—Thesaurus (the word: "traipse")
TAB #3—Wikipedia (subject: nuclear fusion)
TAB #4— (working on my 'Week in Review' post)
TAB #5— (self explanatory)
TAB #6—Facebook (recently addicted)
TAB #7—You Tube (video: alligator calls)

So, I always have lots of tabs open on my computer---hopping to & fro from one random tab to another. These are just a few that I have open at the moment.
What's got you hopping to & fro???


  1. girl. I am the WORLD'S WORST about tabbed browsing. I am all over the place. Always open are Facebook and Google Reader. Then, when I'm on Google Reader and need to see more of a post, i open in a new tab. I don't read that one until I open all the posts I want to see more of. then i read them from left to right. Right now, I also have open my blog and etsy.

    when someone else asks for a turn at the computer, my response is always, "ok, as soon as i go through these tabs."

  2. omg nik - what a great post!


    my own blog (hehe)
    my chaos my bliss (photostory friday)
    trade me
    suburban sanity (blogger)
    grabaseat (cheap airfares) x 2 tabs!
    stuff - news website
    wordful wed - parenting by dummies
    fab feisty and fifty, blogger



  3. I, too, am guilty of over-tabbing.
    #3--Google images: poodle halloween costume
    #4--Google Reader
    #5--make happy's facebook page (to post the fun things I find in Reader)
    #6--Paper Source (ordering envelopes for baby shower invitations)
    #7--Fort Vancouver Regional Library page (to request a book seen on Reader)

    I loved seeing your list. You have great random blog posts! :)

  4. I LOVE tabs. Whenever I'm on a system that doesn't allow tabs, I get so bummed. I haven't been on long this morning, so I just have iGoogle, Google Reader, your blog, Pom-Poms and Luminarias & facebook. Great post!

  5. #1 Gmail
    #2 Google Reader
    #3 Facebook
    #4 Frontierville on Facebook
    #5 Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure (studying)
    #6 Failbook
    #7 Pandora
    #8 your blog

  6. #1 gmail
    #2 forums
    #3 facebook
    #4 hearts at home forums
    #5 family message board
    #7 Chatting at the Sky blog
    #8 Two Peas in a Bucket
    #9 you!

  7. I'd like to tell you that your recent addition to Facebook will wear off, but it won't!


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