Friday, September 17, 2010

Thursday's road trip to Fort Collins, CO was a random burst of fresh air in my freckled face. Relaxing, rejuvenating & ridiculous!!!
My 2 parteners in giddy crime & I had so much fun. We shopped. We photo boothed it. We jumped. We ate at a doozy of an awesome burger joint for lunch. We stuffed our sweet bellies with seafood at dinner-time. We walked until our feet hurt. And then we walked some more. I got to check pretty much everything off my "Road Trip To Do List". And I came home inspired & ready for some new projects. (I'll show more pics of our silly fun later!)
But first, the major project sitting in my lap at the moment: tomorrow's birthday party!! Zoey stayed up with me for a bit & helped make her cupcakes. I spent 6 hours on those things!!! I am not happy with how they turned out, but Zoey loves them & that's all that matters.
I'm finishing up a few things before crashing HARD & then I'll be up early to squeak out the remaining details. I am SOOOOO excited to show you the details, too!
I'm looking forward to that moment after the party where I just crumble to the floor, rejoicing the birthay hallelujah's that I made it through another celebration.


  1. Gosh Nik, you've even got me excited about the woodland gnomey (pronounced with the 'g'!) party! I can't wait to catch the details!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you had this day. It's a wonderful thing when we can rejuvenate like that. Looking forward to the pics of the cupcakes and the other fun festive party goings-on that will take place!


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