Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chadron Adventure

 Another adventure was on my to-do list last weekend. I took an hour & a half road trip with my adventure pal Susan. We headed to Chadron, NE. I've visited Chadron before, but not in the fall. Oh my. I am glad I got to see the beautiful trees---such amazing colors. I kept oohing & aahing. It was wet & rainy, but the fog was out, so it was rather magical.
We attended the Hall of Fame luncheon at Chadron State College, where I mostly listened to forks & knives clink clanking on food-filled plates, while speakers spoke, inductees were inducted & clappers clapped. At the end of the luncheon, the CSC band stormed the room. I could seriously listen to those drums all day.
A quick change-a-roo into cozy clothes & knit caps & comfy shoesies----& it was time to snag our media passes to get on the football field. (I love being paparazzi!) We got to be up close to the action while photographing the CSC Eagles Homecoming game. What an experience!!

I've only recently begun to have an affection for this game. Still don't understand what's happening. I think I'm addicted to the energy of it all. And I'd only snapped photos at high school football games up til now. A college game was quite different. There's more to see---the players are much bigger & the hits are a lot harder. But more gets in your way too: there are random people walking around with clipboards, more coaches, more refs, more photographers, plus the special orange vested fellows with their football game props, ball boys, MANY more football players & a number of other sideline blocking folk. So you have to find your shot in more creative ways.

The highlight of my afternoon was not the actual football being played on the field. It was when a group of about 10 half naked guys invaded the sidelines. Wearing nearly nary any clothes-- torsos, limbs & faces painted, they had extreme spirit & lots of entertaining antics up their....sleeves? I even asked them to do a jumpy photo for me!! I think that's the first time I've ever asked a stranger to jump for me. I take that back. That's the first time I've ever asked 10 strangers to jump for me. They were awesome, & quite hilarious! I just look at that photo & am immediately all-smiles.

After the game, we drove to Chadron's ever-popular corner convenience store for some Common Cents Nachos. Hot cheese & sour cream on mine. I skipped the olives, onions, & jalapenos. After inaling our nacho dinner at a nearby park, we strolled around, investigating the lovely colors & grabbing several jumpy shots along the way.

The ride home also included a detour to Dairy Queen where I filled my tummy with the most yummy flavored pumpkin pie blizzard.
To view all the pictures from my day, click HERE.


  1. i hope u didn't bang your head on the top of that tunnel nik!!! gorgeous leaf colours - we don't have that here :( well, not where i live anyway. way more evergreen

  2. Nope, we were very careful! We were laughing about the possibility though!

  3. i love the drums too-- any kind of marching band. love it.


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