Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Crafty Night!

The 2nd Tuesday of every month is my chance to plan a night of fun & crafts. It's open to anyone. I called it "Crafty Night" since the beginning because I didn't have a better name to call it. I tried to think of a cool name to give it, but I came up with nothing. I've even tossed around the idea of just keeping it "Crafty Night". Any ideas??

Anyway, this month at Crafty Night we made dry jar mixes. The first mix was a recipe I've made with my MOPS group way back in 2008. Excellent chocolate chip cookie mix!! Mmmm. Delicoius. Click HERE to find that recipe.

The second mix we made was called Country Soup Mix in a Jar. It was all layered & pretty-like.

Up 'til now, I've funded Crafty Night every month out of my own pocket. But, I'm going to have to start requesting a fee to cover supplies. And I'll need RSVP's. Crafty Night is growing ---isn't that fantastic?!

I'm totally wanting to kick things up a notch every month too. Basically, I gather my supplies & wait for the folks to arrive. THIS lovely crafty lady has inspired me to make it more of an experience. So dreamy...

 I'm totally sketching up ideas for a logo & a banner & I can't wait to craft goodies for my crafty peeps & make decorations &, &, &......

So, yeah, any ideas for names? Help me bounce this idea around. Pretty please?
We'll talk in the comment section below.
OR, join the WhiMSy love facebook page & we can talk there.
Either works for me.


  1. you are so awesome. can I be your friend? you are so, my kind of girl. all crafty and fun.

  2. I wish I could come to your Crafty Night! I would love to start one...but hardly any of my friends like doing crafts. Maybe I can change that?!

  3. Very cool! I've been toying with the idea of doing this in my studio too....but you are right....one needs a hand with the cost of supplies, food, etc. I'm sure it can be done, if everyone loves it so much! Good for you! Wish I could come to your crafty night!

  4. ok, so I'd love to do this with my MOPS group but we have like no budget...do you think I could do this in a bag? You know, the cellophane ones you put goodies in? I guess I could always recycle spaghetti jars too.

  5. Carmen--the jars are really the most inexpensive part (& sometimes free) if you reuse food jars or have the moms bring quart jars from home. Also, if you can get any of your ingredients from bulk bins that you scoop up yourself, you may save dollars there.

  6. I've heard similiar events called Make and Takes.

  7. I like the name Crafty Night and I think the things you do are so creative and fun. Where do you do your crafty night?


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