Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 12: Month of Gratitude

Pazely (age 6) is grateful

I am gratetful for...friends who are awesome.

Zoey (age 8) is grateful for...herself.

Ok, so we're a little behind on our 'Month of Gratitude' blog postings. So, you're getting the last 3 days all in one swoop. And then there will be another day or 2 break as mommy gets to go out of town! I'll be going on a Pastor's Wives retreat. Never done anything like that before & (believe it or not) I'm really shy around groups of people I don't know. So, I'm a bit nervous. I'm really hoping to leave here without any expectation, spend time in Lexington, NE receiving loads of inspiration & return home with a new determiniation.
That's my plan anyway...

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