Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 14: Month of Gratitude

Zoey (age 8) is grateful for...the ceiling fan. She said, "I'm serious mom, I'm not joking. I like the nights when it's hot & I can cool myself."

Pazely (age 6) is grateful for...her night-time pull-ups. I told her that this was going on the blog & that LOTS & LOTS of people would see it. She was ok with that. She knows other kids have trouble wetting their beds at night. And she says, "That's OK."

I am thankful for...Christmas coming!! Happy times are ahead. It's not only about the actual DAY of Christmas, but of the preparation & planning. I love it all! The girls helped decorate this gingerbread house that sits in the window of my friends' photo studio on Main Street. We had a messy good time that day!!


  1. Pazely I love your braveness. I wet the bed all through elementary school. I had actually forgotten about that till now.

  2. That's cute! I love it when kids are young enough to have such innocent comments and things to be thankful for. I'm thankful for blogs. I love getting inspiration from everyone and having like minded people to talk too. :)

  3. Love the Pull-Ups! I have a boy who needed them for, well, let's just say well past 1st grade, and I think he was pretty thankful for them too;).

  4. Umm... I was *11* before I stopped wetting the bed.

    Thank goodness that time of life is OVER! (My husband is probably grateful, too, or would be if I told him, huh?)

  5. daughter is 4 and uses them. I was not feeling so good about my daughter turning 5 and still using them but after reading what your daughter said I'm going to ease up a bit. Her braveness on the subject is doing good in the world!...or at least in our home lol

  6. I love your Thankful comments, and Pazley's are so cute!:)


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