Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 4: Month of Gratitude

Pazely is grateful for...her sister Zoey.

Zoey is grateful for...her dress up shoes. They are gold & vintage & have sparkly bits & heels. But she is grateful for them because..."I can pretend AND be high."

I am grateful for...that big sack of potatoes. Someone gave it to us a few days ago. But it really represents the numerous ways we have been blessed since moving to Nebraska 11 months ago. I cannot keep count of the many times people have dropped off food, meals, clothes for the girls, or any number of random things for our family. I am grateful for the generosity of my friends.

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  1. Certainly you must be mistaken, it can't possibly have been almost a whole year already that you moved...? Where in the world has this last year gone??? Wow.

  2. I know!!
    But honestly, it feels weird to me. Like, ONLY 11 months? That's all we've been here?? ONLY 11 months have passed by?? It feels like we've been here for years & years.


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